Our Incense

We source the best possible essential/fragrant oils to make our incredible incense, culminating in our list of 30 superb fragrances, cased in a beautiful water hyacinth container, which we gladly pass onto you to enhance and uplift your life.

Amber This fragrance is a classic – rich and woody, with a honey-like sweetness $10.00

Bali Beach Contains the floral fragrance of the Champaka flower $10.00

Blue Moon A blend of special oils that have the ability to uplift the mind,taking it from a dark place, to a place of peace and light $10.00

Burmese Moss Woody spicy temple incense. $10.00

Buddhawood A native Australian essential oil that has a soothing bush fragrance with a note of licquorice $10.00

Capri Spruce and ocean air, for a fresh clean start to the day. $10.00

Citronella This is used extensively as an insect repellent, also a deodorant, clear out those wet doggie smells $10.00

Coconut Cove Calming, relaxing, easy to relax with this one, reminds us of holidays $10.00

Darshan Uplifting and purifying. Based on classical Indian fragrances. To have Darshan is to perceive the divine. $10.00

Desert Rose A rich full rose scent with a hint of the Australian bush $10.00

Fire mountain Fabulous incense made from oils found around a meditation retreat at fire mountain near ganeshpuri India $10.00

Frangipani Soft as morning light, romantic. $10.00

Frankincense Frankincense is still used in religious ceremonies today, Roman Emperor Nero at his wifes funeral burned more Frankincense than Arabia could produce in a year. $10.00

Green Dragon Clears negativity puts things in order, clears odours and mustiness $10.00

Jasmine Sensual, heady, one of the aphrodisiacs. $10.00

Krisna Meditation that you have been looking for. $10.00

Lavender Fresh, relaxing, calmness, composure. $10.00

Lemongrass Reviving, stimulating, gets things going. $10.00

Lemon Myrtle The Australian tree endemic to subtropical rainforests of central and south-eastern Queensland, the fragrance is softer than lemongrass, with a woody warmth $10.00

Lotus Peace and clarity of thought, opens the heart, overcomes disapointment $10.00

Mystic Used to deepen insight, solve that problem. $10.00

Nag Champa Classic meditation blend of 172 oils. $10.00

Noosa Sunrise Open the door to a new day, confidence. $10.00

Patchouli A very heady incense made from pure patchouli oil, from the hippie days of peace and free love $10.00

Persian Musk Healing, opens the heart, forgiveness. $10.00

Samhane Autumnal Rose, Lavender and Patchouli $10.00

Sandalwood Inner unity, serenity, clears negative energy $10.00

Siberian Musk Lost in time, said to be a formula from a Russian Monk in search of self realisation. $10.00

Sirens Song For the lovers of the world, a fast way to enlarge the population with beautiful kids, maybe triplets? $10.00

Tantra Mystical oils, used to enhance the creative force. $10.00

Torquay sunrise very heady, deliciously light, a pleasure to burn, takes you back to the sand, sea, and surf $10.00

Tibet Sacred, exotic and expensive oils. $10.00

Vanilla Soothing for the heart and soul. $10.00

Ylang Ylang Clears negative thoughts $10.00

SUPER STICKS Red Centre the essence of the great Australian Outback, red as the earth itself, as calming as the starry night sky (super sticks burn for 2 hours, 10 sticks per tube). $15.00

SUPER STICKS Spice Sandalwood Exotic sandalwood like never before, calming sandalwood with a spicy edge (super sticks burn for 2 hours, 10 sticks per tube). $15.00