About Ganesa

Dawn breaks, gold and red colour the sky as the mist lifts from the valley floor.

A conch sounds, a lamp is lit, the fragrant aroma of incense drifts on the early morning air. Once again the universe is created and an offering is made to the inner self of all.

This is how the concept of Ganesa Incense began, in India at the foot of a statue of Ganesh.
Since then, the journey of sourcing the best possible essential/fragrant oils for us to make our incredible incense has been one of upliftment and joy. Our incense is carefully hand-made and we hope it will enhance and uplift your everyday life. We present our range of superb incense in a beautiful and biodegradable water hyacinth tube. We also offer the pure oils themselves (to match the incense of your choice), a number of which you can use as a beautiful perfume.

NEWS from Ganesa Incense

  • December 16 2023
    Once again we are making the pilgrimage to Woodford Folk Festival in 2023. Our last date for processing orders in 2023 will be 18th December. We will be back on January 17th 2023. Hope to see you at Woodfordia.
    A new fragrance has been added to our range! Love Shack is a blend or earthy essential oils with a satisfying persistence and elevating top-note.
  • June 19 2023
    Sandalwood incense is back in stock.
  • Regarding the St Kilda Market in Melbourne. We have applied to come back to the market this year but unfortunately our application has been rejected

Ganesa Incense team