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DISPLAY STAND Solid timber approx A4 size holds 15 tubes Ganesa Incense. $45.00

Dark Moon

Sirens Song Passionate, charismatic, erotic and sensual. $12.00


Bali Beach Contains the floral fragrance of the Champaka flower $12.00

Black Rose Deeply sensual, symbol of love & self acceptance. $12.00

Burmese Moss Woody spicy temple incense. $12.00

Capri Spruce and ocean air, for a fresh clean start to the day. $12.00

Frangipani Soft as morning light, romantic. $12.00

Green Dragon Clears negativity puts things in order, clears odours and mustiness $12.00

Green tea Refreshing, purifying, clarity, start the day on a high note. $12.00

Jasmine Sensual, heady, one of the aphrodisiacs. $12.00

Krisna Meditation that you have been looking for. $12.00

Lavender Fresh, relaxing, calmness, composure. $12.00

Lemongrass Reviving, stimulating, gets things going. $12.00

Mystic Used to deepen insight, solve that problem. $12.00

Nag Champa Classic meditation blend of 172 oils. $12.00

Noosa Sunrise Open the door to a new day, confidence. $12.00

Persian Musk Healing, opens the heart, forgiveness. $12.00

Rainforest Fresh, green, calming, uplifting. $12.00

Sandalwood Inner unity, serenity, clears negative energy $12.00

Siberian Musk Lost in time, said to be a formula from a Russian Monk in search of self realisation. $12.00

Sirens Song For the lovers of the world, a fast way to enlarge the population with beautiful kids, maybe triplets? $12.00

Tantra Mystical oils, used to enhance the creative force. $12.00

Tibet Sacred, exotic and expensive oils. $12.00

Vanilla Soothing for the heart and soul. $12.00

White Musk A beautiful oil from France, uplifting,calming. $12.00

Ylang Ylang Clears negative thoughts $12.00

Blue Moon A blend of special oils that have the ability to uplift the mind,taking it from a dark place, to a place of peace and light $12.00

Coconut Cove Calming, relaxing, easy to relax with this one, reminds us of holidays $12.00

Citronella This is used extensively as an insect repellent, also a deodorant, clear out those wet doggie smells $12.00

Frankincense Frankincense is still used in religious ceremonies today, Roman Emperor Nero at his wifes funeral burned more Frankincense than Arabia could produce in a year. $12.00

Fire mountain Fabulous incense made from oils found around a meditation retreat at fire mountain near ganeshpuri India $12.00

SUPER STICKS Red Centre the essence of the great Australian Outback, red as the earth itself, as calming as the starry night sky (super sticks burn for 2 hours, 10 sticks per tube). $15.00

Amber This fragrance is a classic – rich and woody, with a honey-like sweetness $12.00

Patchouli A very heady incense made from pure patchouli oil, from the hippie days of peace and free love $12.00

Lemon Myrtle The Australian tree endemic to subtropical rainforests of central and south-eastern Queensland, the fragrance is softer than lemongrass, with a woody warmth $12.00

Buddhawood A native Australian essential oil that has a soothing bush fragrance with a note of licquorice $12.00

Desert Rose A rich full rose scent with a hint of the Australian bush $12.00

Beltane Festive Frankincense and refreshing Cedarwood with a spritz of Orange. $12.00

Samhain Autumnal Rose, Lavender and Patchouli $12.00

Cinnamon Girl Cinnamon, Rose, Patchouli and Cedarwood. $12.00

Love Shack At once earthy and fragrant with an uplifting after-glow $12.00


Bergamot (Sicilian)Produced by cold expression from the peel of the nearly ripe fruit, Antidepressant, Antiseptic, Antiviral, relieves colic,calmative & digestive. $15.00

Cedar wood Obtained by steam distillation, of the wood. Antiseptic, astringent, sedative, insecticide, diuretic, recommended in hair and skin care, eg:oily skin, acne, dandruff, excellent insect repellent. $18.00

Cinnamon (Bark)obtained by steam or water distillation, used for several thousand years in treating chronic diarrhoea, rheumatism, colds, abdominal and heart pains. $25.00

Citronella Obtained by steam distillation, leaves are used to treat: minor cuts, swellings, extensively used as an insect repellent, it is also antiseptic,bactericidal. $8.00

Coconut calming, soothing for the mind,used in some skin lotions. $9.00

Eucalyptus Almost all eucalypts are indigenous to Australia where they constitute approx 75% of all tree flora, steam distilled, treatment for headaches,neuralgia,debility, muscular aches,shingles,with bergamot for cold sores,cuts wounds,burns. $9.00

Lavender (French)Lavenders antiseptic properties are well known, used in the swabbing of wounds, treatment of sores, varicose ulcers, burns, it is restorative and sedative. $15.00

Lemon Lifts the spirits and overcomes mental fatigue, tones aging skin, has antibacterial properties beneficial for treatment of acne and boils, excellent detoxifying essential oil $9.00

Lemongrass Steam distilled from fresh/partly dried leaves, very good in a vaporiser to disinfect the air, a secret aid for people who have trouble starting in the morning. $9.00

Lemon Myrtle Anticatarrhal, astringent, bactericidal, expectorant. $26.00

Lime Used in skincare for oily skin, (cold pressed lime is phototoxic) great for digestive problems, antiseptic, antiviral, antimicrobial (used for throat infections, influenza. $12.00

Orange Cold pressed from the ripe/almost ripe outer peel of the orange fruit, used amongst other things as a Lymphatic stimulant.helps children sleep. $9.00

Patchouli To extract patchouli oil it is first necessary to rupture the cell walls of the leaf before steam distillation,was the signature scent of the 1960 $18.00

Peppermint A wonderful oil, analgesic,anaesthetic,antiseptic,decongestant,expectorant,stimulant, recommended for myalgia and neuralgia, and for people who have mental fatigue relieves headaches and migraine, $10.00

Rose geranium Has been reported to exhibit antifungal and antibacterial activities, excellent for regulating effect on the nervous system, eg: stress, nervous tension, depression, anxiety. $25.00

Rosemary To the ancient Greeks and Romans it was considered sacred, symbolising love and death, powerful remedy for stomach and liver problems, Hippocrates said rosemary should be cooked with vegetables to overcome liver and spleen disorders. $12.00

Sandalwood (West Australian)The essential oil is obtained by a combination of solvent extraction and steam distillation of the wood. Australian sandalwood is active against herpes simplex viruses, applied to the skin it is soothing,cooling and moisturising. $24.00

Tea Tree The name Tea Tree was first used by Captain Cook in 1777 when the leaves were brewed to make a tea to prevent scurvy. It has a broad spectrum antimicrobial activity against bacteria, viruses, fungi. Treatment for thrush, vaginitis and cystitis. $14.00

Ylang Ylang (1st extraction)Originates in sth east asia, primarily produced in Madagascar and Indonesia, a tall evergreen tree which grows up to 35mtrs but under cultivation is pruned to about 3mtrs, has a large number of large yellow/green strongly scented flowers, $25.00

Clove Bud Great for toothache,excellent antiseptic, use in conjunction with peppermint to ward of drowsiness. $14.00

Frankincense Played an important role in many ancient religion,Kohl a black powder used to paint womens eyelids is made from charred frankincense, said to attract Angels and dispell evil $19.50

Tangerine Cold pressed from the peel of the ripe fruit,recommended for acne, oily skin, and in a massage blend to prevent stretch marks. $10.00